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*According to the American Medical Association, stress related disorders make up 80%-90% of the ailments bringing people to family physicians

*A national survey found that 54% of primary care physicians encourage patients to pursue massage therapy as a treatment


*Massage helps combat

aging by enhancing tissue elasticity and joint flexibility

*Improves blood and  lymphatic circulation

*Boosts immune system

*Helps relieves aches and deep muscle stiffness

*Enhances athletic


*Restores energy, vitality, and balance


*Massage treats problems associated with repetitive tasks and motions

*Aids in breaking down and preventing scar tissue after injuries and operations

*A recent study on the effectiveness of massage therapy in the treatment of low back pain shows at one month follow-up sessions-63% of patients reported no back pain

Aimee Jolson

New York State Licensed

Massage Therapist


Massage Menu

Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Massage - a deeper more intense form of Swedish  massage, focusing on separating tight bands of tissue and muscular impingements

Sports Massage - Combines techniques to enhance sports performance and recuperation

Medical Massage -combines myofascial, trigger point, stretching and other techniques to address specific conditions, both preventative and therapeutic

Shiatsu -Oriental based systems of finger and hand pressure and stretching techniques that treat points along energy meridians of the body aiming to release discomfort and rebalance energy


From $150/hr

Aimee Jolson received her New York State license in 1994 at the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy.

She has worked in NYC’s premiere health clubs and spas, done home health care for elderly and injured clients, and worked extensively in the dance and performing arts communities. Aimee also has an MFA in performing arts and teaches acting and voice. She is an avid fitness and martial arts enthusiast. As a therapist, her focus is wellness through balance.

She specializes in:

*Medical and sport injuries

*Repetitive task syndrome

*Deep tissue/trigger point therapy

*Energy balancing

*Visualization techniques

*License #007067


                   Each session is tailored to client need and preference.

               All sessions are strictly therapeutic.

                  Purchases are transferable and non-refundable.

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